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Odor Detection System

Odosys Services is a sole distributor in South East Asia region for the product of odor measurement meter or Olfactometer of Nasal Ranger by Sixth Sense USA. Nasal Ranger is a portable and precise odor-measuring device that allows user to quantify odor strength in nearly any location or circumstances. The equipment uses Dilution-to-Threshold Ratio (D/T ratio) to quantify odor strength. This essential tool offers and innovative easy-to-use alternative to measure odor strength.

Now, facility operators, community inspectors and neighbors citizens can conduct complete odor monitoring, regulation, enforcement and documentation in the field. The Nasal ranger goes beyond traditional estimation methods, easily measuring odor strength at specific locations surrounding a facility. Nasal Ranger gives the capabilities to:

  • Monitor daily industrial operations
  • Evaluate odor mitigation methods
  • Create credible, defensible evidences
  • Determine and monitor compliance
  • Investigate odor control effectiveness
  • Verify odor dispersion modeling
  • Determine specific odor sources
  • Verify odor complaints
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Odor Control System

As a result of education about the environment and the anthropogenic impact people and production processes have on it, public awareness has increased regarding the qualities of our soil, the water we drink and the air we breathe. The prevalence of odor emissions surrounding plants, treatment facilities, landfills and other sites are of particular concern because as it indicates that potentially harmful gases are present. Facilities that implemented a safe, effective odor control program make their concern for the environment, their workers and neighbors known.

Oil refineries and petrochemical plants in particular may generate large volumes of odor from the processing and refining of different fuels. Sulphides, mercaptans and hydrocarbon compounds are all closely related to the oil industry. The odors generated from these compounds are huge nuisances, and generally create concern among local air boards and the public.

As Odosys Services has been appointed as the exclusive distributor in Malaysia for Ecolo Odor Control System, we are able to completely address your odor issues pertaining to your plants.

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Engineering Services

Odosys Services provides Engineering, Consultation and Technical Services to our client in regards to environmental aspects specifically on odour control system. We strongly believe that with our vast experience in industry, sustainable innovative solutions can be given to industries that is in need. Among the identified strengths of Odosys Services:

  • Project Management
  • Plant Conceptual and Detail Design
  • Operating Labor Services
  • Plant Maintenance


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