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ECOLO® is an Odor control and VOC Treatment Expert. ECOLO® has been dedicated to odor control and waste gas treatment, ranging from product and equipment manufacturing, engineering design and construction.

ECOLO® brand has been long trusted and become the first choice for odor control world widely. The applications cover  the following areas, sewerage treatment, garbage disposal, public places, entertainment places, hotels, pharmaceuticals industry, chemical industry, decoration odor control and etc.

ECOLO® has been granted 6 patents besides its many proprietary formulations. Most importantly, we have embraced a standard of corporate discipline reflected in our qualification as an ISO 9001:2000 company. The series of product certification includes North American CSA. And its security and effectiveness have been approval the authority of relevant testing by Canada, the United States, Switzerland, and China to name but a few. ECOLO® has the best supporting services in 48 countries as well as established branch management institutions. 


Business Scope

Products and Engineering

  1. Odor control formulation R&D, manufacturing and sales
  2. Odor control equipment manufacturing and installation
  3. Environmental engineering design, construction, operation as well as after-sales service

Application Fields

  1. Household such as cars, decoration odor control, bathroom odor control & etc
  2. Commercial, such as odor control in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, entertainment, etc
  3. Municipal facilities, such as wastewater and garbage related odors such as wastewater lift station, wastewater treatment plant, landfill, composting sites, transfer station, leachate odor treatment, etc
  4. Industrial, such as odor control with chemical industrial waste gas, food processing, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical, paper and pulp, iron and steel & etc
  5. Agriculture and livestock industry, such as livestock breeding, abattoirs, breeding farm etc


  1. Essential Oil Odor Control TechnologiesECOLO® AirSolution blends of essential oils work to reduce odorous gases through counteraction. During this process, AirSolution molecules with active double chemical-bond react immediately with the odor molecules to break them down, converting them into non-volatile compounds o dramatically reduce odor concentration and intensity. This is true reaction, not a masking agent or perfume. The final products of the reaction are harmless molecules, such as water, oxygen, nitrogen and non-volatile molecules which settle down along the liquid drops from the air.
  2. Product Safety & EffectivenessSafety and effectiveness of our products have been approved by the United States, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China and dozens of other countries and regions a well.
  3. Engineered solutions for odor control and gas treatmentAccording to the need of the actual projects, the company will be able to provide the best comprehensive treatment plan, which may include bio-scrubber, bio-filter, activated-carbon, catalytic oxidation, low temperature plasma to achieve the optimal cost effectiveness.


  1. AirSolution :Patented and proprietary solutions for commercial odor management such as municipal waste transfer, compactor sites and commercial trash rooms (e.g., restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals )
  2. BioStrem :A proprietary Micronutrient Formula designed to propagate indigenous bacteria for industrial application including landfills and wastewater treatment plants
  3. AirStreme : Automated misting equipment and applications for odor control, pest control, environmental cooling and dust suppression

Main Components

Our products are made of extracted oil and juice from more than 300 kinds of trees, flowers and grass to make patented and proprietary formulations


  1. Stable chemical and physical properties, non-toxic, non-explosive, non-combustibility
  2. Non-irritant to skin
  3. Chemical reaction will not generate toxic by-products causing secondary pollution
  4. AirSolution after used from scrubber can be directly discharged into urban sewage


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